What makes an activist an activist?

What makes a person decide to give up the comfort of their secure world to fight against human rights abuses and to risk alienation and arrest for following their belief in justice for humankind? BREAKING THE RULES is a universal story, which looks deep into the souls of our characters to answer these questions.

BREAKING THE RULES is the little-known story of a group of white South Africans activists who joined the struggle for justice against the apartheid regime. It reveals surprising new perspectives and insights about how a seminal event of the 20th century – the transition to majority-ruled democracy in South Africa – was achieved and through the eyes of our characters it tells the contemporary story of South Africa today.

Carolyn Projansky a filmmaker from the United States who became fascinated with the question what makes a person from a comfortable background decide to enter the struggle against the apartheid regime conceived BREAKING THE RULES? She had just began editing when she became ill and wasn’t able to complete her life’s dream. Carolyn Projansky passed away in 2011.

Ingrid Gavshon an award winning filmmaker and colleague from South Africa has been asked to complete BREAKING THE RULES.

Genre: History / Current Affairs
Running time: 48:00
Format: HD 16:9 PAL & (NTSC available)
Est. Release Date: March 2013